When you first start-up as an electronic DJ and decide to make a career out of it, it all hinges on what style of music you will be playing, and that means what type of club. With all the different genres of music there are the same variety of audiences. Since the 90s the main music played in nightclubs or discos tends to be house music, hip-hop, techno, trance or electro. The trend for cheesy nights and hardcore metal is still popular but you would have to convert any vinyl to mp3’s or cd’s if you want to use CD decks or a laptop.

Personally I am technically orientated, and prefer travelling light, so playing straight from my laptop is how I perform my electronic DJ set. My favourite DJ software is Tractor Pro. Its very versatile and has an excellent grid to beat-match plus a brilliant auto-gain. The best thing about is that you can add as many markers as you wish on each track, so you can get it set up well before you play the gig. Also you can make as many loops as you want, and the effects are outstanding.

I am eagerly waiting for the new Kontrol X1 – it took Native Instruments more than 10 years to design their Traktor controller, but I think its going to be worth the wait! I also use 2 Kaoss pads, (KP2 and KP3) to really rock the house. It’s always a good idea to check the club PA and the levels you should set on the mixer. If it’s too loud and the club is empty, you’ll drive your potential audience back to the bar. If it’s too low, you won’t get the party going!

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