Here’s a great article my friend Jonty Scruff wrote about my support for electronic-cigs:

“Bad boy techno rocker Mr No from MOTOR came out in public support of electronic cigarettes this week, revealing he’s finally managed to quit tobacco after recently experimenting with the soon-to-be banned nicotine delivery devices.”

Here is the link to the petition to the British Government to fight the proposed ban of Electronic Cigarettes in the UK:

” The notoriously hard-living Frenchman has written a protest letter to the British Government, begging them not to ban “e-cigs”, describing in vivid detail how they’ve changed his life after he tried them out.

“After 27 years of smoking between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day and countless years of trying to quit using patches, gum, hypnotherapy, clinics and treatment pills, I always went back to cigarettes as nothing worked,” said Mr No.

“Three months ago I found out about E.Cigs and decided to give it a try and to my surprise they worked.”

Please check this video – the guy explains the E-cig better than I could and the reasons the authorities also want to ban them’

“I now leading a safer life, I’m back at the gym everyday, no longer suffer from exhaustion and my heart beat is back to normal. I can finally kiss my wife and family with my odorless clean lips,” he added.

Chatting to Skrufff, he admitted being unimpressed with the first e-cig brands he tried, before Googling and checking internet forums through which he discovered ‘Totally Wicked’ E-cigs.

“When I took my first puff I couldn’t believe how good it was. It was a proper drag, I could feel the thick vapour sliding down my throat just like a real fag and then the nicotine hit. I thanked Jesus loudly even though I’m not religious,” he purred.

“It took me two weeks to switch from real fags to gay ones, eheheh,” the gay-obsessed Frenchman continued, “And yes, I’ve now totally gave up smoking cancer sticks, the E.Fag I have now delivers what a real cig did,” he declared.

“I don’t intend to stop vaping (the term used by many enthusiasts to describe the practise of sucking on the phallic devices), it was a 20 year struggle to stop smoking, I don’t wanna’ go there again,” he vowed.

“Nicotine is the most addictive drug ever known to the human being, once inside you, it’s in for the rest of your life. Most smokers rather die smoking than not smoking,” he pointed out.

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): “In your letter to the Government you say ‘I’m back at the gym everyday and don’t suffer from exhaustion, my heart beat is back to normal’:” how much were normal cigs affecting your health?

Mr No (MOTOR): “A lot. I stank, I coughed all the time, I couldn’t kiss my wife, I had to go and smoke outside like a loser which meant I was risking my life every time to get mugged because I live in a high crime area. Real cigarettes also cost me three times more than E.cigs and left me constantly out of breath, with weird heart beats and super lazy.”

Skrufff: In your email to supporters you said ‘’As you know I am a bit of a rock n roll guy, but I still value my health’: how much did you follow the ‘live fast, die young’ credo when you started out making music?

Mr No (MOTOR): “That’s a good question. When you’re young, you don’t care about death because you realise how stupid life and society is. You’re a rebel and nothing’s gonna’ stop you. Now I’m afraid to say that I’m too old to die young- damn.”

Skrufff: At what point did you start valuing your health? (was it one moment or gradual?) :

Mr No (MOTOR): “It’s actually up and down, depending of how good life is at any one moment in time (laughing). If life’s shit, I don’t give a shit, if life’s good then jolly good.”

Skrufff: When did you first smoke and why?

Mr No (MOTOR): “I first smoked when I was six. My brother and I found a packet of Gitanes left in a car with the window open. We were lucky to find a box of matches next to it. I took my first puff and puked, I then had a massive headache and promised myself never to do it ever again. I was wrong, obviously.”

Skrufff: How many times have you tried to give up? (What’s been your longest time, why did you start again?)

Mr No (MOTOR): “I tried between ten and fifteen times and all I remember was being always o keen to start again. The longest I stayed clean was two years, but I was unhappy and always felt like something was missing. I couldn’t make music, I couldn’t drink, party, I couldn’t think. It was the darkest two years of my life.”

Skrufff: Millions of other people have quit normal smoking (one way or another): why haven’t you been able to?

Mr No (MOTOR): “It’s simple, I love smoking. I mean . . . vaping.”

Electronic cigarettes offer a genuine alternative for smokers which can satisfy the smoking habit without the enormous known harms. These life saving products have been widely available for over three years and have zero known serious harmful effects, they are considered by respected harm reduction experts to be at least 99% safer than smoking . . .’)

(To:  UK Prime Minister
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: ‘ensure that electronic cigarette products and their use is regulated appropriately for recreational purposes rather than seek to define vaping as smoking, tobacco use or medical therapy.’)

MOTOR’s new album Hyper Machine is out now on Steve Aoki’s label US label Dim Mak, as is latest single Kick It. Their 2009 single Death Rave is also currently up for an award as best dance track of the year from France’s highly prestigious Quartz arts organisation (click here to vote: