One time we were touring Japan, the band were invited by fans to some after hours club. I remember entering this dark basement and once inside we were given special treatment. In the centre surrounded by plastic cups, a “sacred drink” had been prepared for us. There was a large open barrel of liquid and at the bottom were a few dead looking snakes – it was their poison that fermented blends with the alcohol to make it extremely toxic.  It tasted like smooth tequila – delicious and very easy to drink. But not easy to stop drinking, or finding your way home afterwards!

Apparently I was trying to explain in Spanish to a very patient Japanese cab driver to drop me off by Camden Rd train station (without realising I was actually in Osaka!) God knows how I woke up in the right hotel, I was still drunk 3 days later when I had finally got back to Camden UK.

Oly Japan fans
Trying to find my way home with some lovely Asian fans

I haven’t ever found that drink since,  perhaps the recipe is best left in Japan! But I did find this interesting sounding “ritual” drink called the Sake Bomb Cocktail :

1) Fill a glass or mug with beer, and set it on the table in front of the person having the Sake Bomb. Do not fill the glass up to the rim. Remember that a full shot glass will be dropping into it, so you need to leave a small amount of empty space in the glass, unless you just like wiping up booze.

2) Place a pair of chopsticks across the top of the glass, pushed close together, so that they form sort of bridge across the top of the glass. Do not push them all the way against each other. They should be close, but with a little space in between.

3) The person the drink was made for yells “Sake…Sake…Sake…Bomb!” Upon sake bomb, the person slams their fist on to the table, with the jolt causing the Sake to fall into the glass of beer, like a falling bomb.
Good luck to all who drink it!

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