Here’s the current list of Motor remixes:

01 Daniel Diamond ‘Champu’ (Xlover) Label: City Rockers
02 Throbbing Gristle ‘Persuasion’ (Motor) Label: Mute Record
03 Marilyn Manson ‘Personal Jesus’ (Rude Photo / Motor) Label: Interscope
04 Xlover ‘So Blue’ (Xlover) Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records
05 T.Raumschmiere ‘Sick Like Me’ (Motor London) Label: Novamute/Shitkatapult
06 Depeche Mode ‘Precious’ (Motor) Label: Mute Records
07 Princess Superstar ‘Perfect’ (Mr No / Alexander Technique) Label: K7
08 New Order ‘Jetstream’ (Arthur Baker / Mr No) Label: London Records
09 Trabant ‘Nasty Boy’ (Motor) Label: Southern Fried Record
10 Battant ‘Miss Betty’ (Motor) Label: Haywire
11 Atomizer ‘Japanese Disco’ (Mr No) Label: Gigolo
12 Drugbeat ‘Kill Yourself On The Dance Floor Tonight’ (Motor) Label: Musick
13 Client ‘Pornography’ (Motor) Label : Virgin
14 Humanzi ‘diet, pills and magazines’ (Motor) Label: Fiction Records
15 The Delays ‘Valentine’ (Motor) Label: Rough Trade
16 The Whip ‘Trash’ (Motor) Label: Lavolta Records
17 Magnum ‘Disco Toni’ (Motor) Label: Musick
18 Nitzer Ebb ‘Lightning Man’ (Motor) Label: Novamute