I would be thought that as a writer of electronic music, I would be not be interested in Abbey Road studios, but far from it. This week I was astounded at the sounds I was getting from their newly released plugins, that bring the sound, look and functionality of the legendary audio equipment directly onto my Mac.

Abbey Rd - now covered in graffiti

Peter Cobbin, Director of Engineering at Abbey Road Studios, said: “I have the privilege to use rare and vintage audio equipment at Abbey Road and in all my years of recording and mixing I have not heard anything quite like the RS124 compressor. If I could describe the sound of pure cream being drizzled slowly into and over a mix, then this might start to say something about the velvety and liquid rich sound of compression that the RS124 is known for. I am very excited about this release as the RS124 Compressor Plug-in looks, sounds and smells like the original!”

The original RS124 valve compressors were introduced in 1960 and were used at the studios for 10 years. They had a warm, creamy sonic personality and modern features that made them the compressor of choice for recording, mixing and mastering. They were a key part of the 60’s sound of Abbey Road Studios. Each unit was hand-built and exclusive to Abbey Road, and these three units emulated are still in use at the studios today. The RS124 Compressor Plug-in modelled three of the best units from the Abbey Road collection using the original hardware and schematics with extensive listening tests taking place at Abbey Road under the guidance of Abbey Road’s Director of Engineering, Peter Cobbin. Both sound wise and looks, the plug-in provides accurate software emulations of the original units, faithfully recreating their behavior and subtle sonic character.

Abbey Road has also created one of the world’s first dedicated Dynamics LCR plug-in, providing depth and versatility to the RS124 Compressor Plug-in experience by allowing users to ‘stack’ all three units on top of one another – as if you were in the studio! In addition to all the functions found on the original units, users can enjoy a new surprise feature. This extra function is guaranteed to make your drums jump out of the speakers now that’s just what is needed for writing electronic music !

Thankyou Abbey Rd pioneers of pop.