There’s almost an overkill of equipment and gadgets available for the home electronic music studio, and when starting up its difficult to know where to begin. The main factor will be what you can afford in the refines of your budget. Try and choose high quality gear wherever possible, as this will prevent future hassles of having to repair or replace things later.

O small studio

my studio set up 2010

I always keep up-to-date with the various music mags, especially Computer Music. Their reviews are professional and quite enlightening. Often I will buy on the strength of their recommendations. There’s also plenty of review sites online, but be wary as many review sites and forums are written by salesmen. If you get online, reading customer reviews is the best alternative way to get unbiased details of recording studio equipment. But be wary, as today many reviews and forum posts are written by salesmen. It can be a tough job choosing the right recording equipment for your own personal use. Often I have bought blindly, only to regret it later and end up having to re-sell it. Always try to buy from well established manufacturers that have a reliable reputation You can buy gear that will do a great job, as long as you bother to read the manual! Many musicians (including me!) jump in and try to work out how to use the new “toy” without experimenting or taking time to learn the full range of the product. Personally now I have found learning from videos helps. Native Instruments and MacProVideo produce good videos that are both very informative and easy to understand, you can find them on YouTube. When buying items like speakers, it is essential to check the sound out in a specialist shop where they have especially set up demos for customers. It all depends on what your preferences are, and with sound equipment , this personal tweaking can affect the real personal style of recording that will be the essence of your career in electronic music. If you intend buying online, remember to choose a manufacturer who uses secure payment techniques that will offer monetary protection to the buyers. A good recording equipment manufacturer will also offer a door to door fast delivery service.

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