Even though I now call myself an electronic musician, I proudly remember my days as part of the notorious Camden music scene back in the early 90’s.

I nostalgically recall the night I wore this every same jesters hat:

French Erick, the drummer from Headcleaner,  persuaded me to wear it for their album “au fou” launch party at Camden Underworld. Then he asked me to not only wear the hat but also eat dinner onstage during their show!

During sound check Erick organized a restaurant table and chair on the left side of his drum kit.  I went to Sainsbury’s to buy a ready cooked chicken, Hellmann’s mayo and a bottle of cheap white wine with my dole money that I’d saved up for the occasion. When I returned with the shopping, Pid the bass player asked me what that hell was going on? Sexy Fiona Gordon was sitting stage right in a rocking-chair silently knitting something insane.

The gig was sold out  and the sound was bouncing off the walls. There I sat with this heavy jester hat on my head, wearing Erick’s crazy goggles from the Africa Corps and a napkin tied round my neck. Erick jack-hammered his kit, Martin’s guitar sounded like a machine gun and Pid pecked his heavily distorted bass… result: LOUD !!

Meanwhile on stage, I’m neatly cutting my chicken and dipping it in the mayo, and  pouring the wine in a wine glass. The chaos during the first track as a piece of drumstick flies in my face I lift the wine glass and salute the wild crowd to receive a hearty response… Here goes the first chicken leg as Martin’s guitar neck nearly smash the wine bottle, a flying guitar string cuts my hands, but who cares, the meal is delicious… more tracks, more mayhem, more fun!

Now I have a gang of fans opening their mouths for food, as I decadently throw them the chicken bones I’m getting really hot here, sweating and start feeling dizzy, but never mind, I will survive this rock’n'roll feast until the end!! Suddenly a half-naked girl walks onstage strapped in metal sheets… hold on, I know her, that’s Joanna Peacock!! She’s here for the last track to grind herself on fire… Erick clicks the band in Ramones style and their cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” begins. Joanna blasts out 5 to 10 meters jets of white-hot metal particles everywhere, from the crowd to the band, on the kit, on Fiona’s and in my face OUCH!!!! Never mind, pain is becoming pleasure. No one cares anymore. It’s total freedom, joy and fire.

Camden Golden years? Oh yeah…

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