When you are ready to take your electronic band on the road, you’ll need to get publicity. Later on, if you are lucky enough to get a label interested, they will have their own press agent who’ll take care of that side of things, but meanwhile its a case of DIY.

First you need to get your own press pack up together. Nowadays its normal for bands to have a presence on the net and keeping up an online blog seems to be as popular as Myspace. Get a few high-resolution photos ready plus a logo and a short interesting biog together, also links to new tracks to send out for the clubs website. Forward this pack to venues at least 6 weeks before each show, so they’ll have time to get your band listed on their promo sites, and produce posters and flyers.

Larger clubs like Fabric have their own in-house designers and press staff, but they will demand content from you, so remember to get it ready in good time.

Another good idea is to contact local papers and magazines direct, there’s no harm in trying for an article, especially if you can provide some great entertaining story for their reader. Contact every source you can think of to let them know you’ll be coming to town, Universities are a good place to start – offer to do an interview. Maybe think of a funny competition where you offer a t-shirt as a prize for the best answer.

Self-promotion is seen as normal in the music industry when you are starting up, but you’ll need to keep on top of it all and push at it, even press agents can be slack. It’s a very tough industry, and finding ways to promote your electronic bands’ gigs is all part of the job.