I am proud to be part of the USA based Dim Mak gang, They signed the album Motor Music Machine in the USA late 2009 and released the first single from it “Kick It”. This year Motor’s rave inspired single “Death Rave” was released.
Dim Mak records has been labeled everything from post-punk to hardcore. Call it what you will, label owner Steve Aoki and his collection of friends, bands, volunteers and employees have been putting out very cool music since 1996.

Steve aoki
Motor in LA with Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki 2009

Dim Mak has always been about supporting music with a purpose: exploring releases that are not limited to one specific genre.
Dim Maks original roster includes releases from SeattleҒs Pretty Girls Make Graves, Face magazine cover subjects The Kills, The Gossip, and Soledad Brothers (currently opening for the White Stripes on their U.S. tour)

Here’s the rest of the active family on Dim Mak – The Coup, The Kills, Whirlwind Heat, Soledad Brothers, Automato, Panthers, The Gossip, Young People, Das Oath, Paradise Island, Pearlene, Lion Fever, Dance Disaster Movement, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Mr. David Viner, The Von Bondies, Bluebird, Die Monitr Batss, From Monument To Masses, The Red Light Sting, Envy, Miracle Chosuke, Battles, Libretto & Lifesavas, Dollhouse, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Bloc Party, Deep Jail, Edy Crahp, Juss Ske.