If you are touring as an electronic musician and taking regular long haul flights, I recommend you invest in a portable video player. After coming back from Singapore on Turkish airlines, I’d had enough of their uninspiring choice of movies that broke down for 5 hour and I was real jealous of my neighbour who was plugged into his own movie player and laughing away at a new comedy film. My iPod can’t keep me amused for too long, so I am looking at all the new DVD player models and I am stunned how reasonable these gadgets have become and how long the batteries last.

These portable video players make it easier for you to take you fav tv and films from your house on the road. Portable video players are getting smaller, lighter weight and also at the same time more advanced. Portable DVD players let you watch all your favourite movies in any kind of place whereas digital video portables have other range of capabilities.

Convenient, lightweight portable DVD players are in abundance on the market. Most of these players are slim, laptop style with a DVD deck and a built in, flip up screen. These usually include a headphone output plus a wide variety of digital and analog outputs for other connection possibilities. Other portable DVD players lack an attached screen but they could be easily plugged into TV monitors wherever you go in a car, boat or vacation house. You have also the option to use one as regular player at your home. There are even portable video players especially designed to be used inside a car that are hooked up for the passenger seats.

There are certain other players, which rely on digital video files stored on to a tiny hard drive instead of the DVDs. These players are great when they are used in conjunction with a computer with in-built TV tuner because then you can easily record your favourite TV shows and store them as videos or load them onto your portable and carry them with you. These players usually handle MP3 files and digital photos as well.

Most of the portable players include headphones but you could get better sound by replacing them with an inexpensive pair. It doesn’t matters which type of portable you choose but you should consider buying a pair of headphones separately.

And if you are used to a great sound at the time when you watch DVD movies on your player, then you should look around for a set of Dolby Digital headphones and you can enjoy impressive surround sound from your portable DVD player.