Many people who are working in the music industry, and even TV and film composers, have their own studios at home. Nowadays, a professional composition that is even good enough for a number 1 chart hit, can be produced in a musicians bedroom. So what are commercial studios used for – or are they going out of fashion to be replaced by top class software and micro speakers?

Oly meets the Beatles

Music studios fall into three basic categories, Home studios, Project studios and Commercial studios. It’s pretty obvious what a home studio is, they can be found in a spare room, garage, basement, or an outhouse – and often in a corner of a bedroom.

There really isn’t any difference between a home studio and a so-called project studio. A home studio can also be a project studio where the pro musician tries out ideas at home. A commercial studio is available to all comers at an hourly or daily rate. Make a booking, do your stuff in the studio, pay the invoice and collect the finished DVD and masters.

If you are thinking of running a business from hiring out your own studio, you will become involved in many more health and safety regulations, plus your insurance premiums will probably go through the roof. A lot of thought and research would need to be done to decide if this would be a viable business option.

Top studios are especially adapted to make the best of the rooms acoustics. Of course the top studio is always going to be that little bit better – but it really is just a little bit.
Obviously in a top commercial studio helpful staff will make it easier for you to do your best work, the equipment and acoustics will be top class, and you will probably be working with professional musicians too – there may even be a restaurant and bar!

.However, many times simplicity sells, and you don’t always need a twenty-four track studio to make a song demo or a soundtrack for a documentary. Capturing the essence of a well delivered genuine singing voice with a simple backing track could well succeed an overproduced overdubbed massive studio production.

So if you do decided to set up your own studio at home, first check out my thoughts on soundproofing.